Central and South America

University-level agreements are shown with *.

Type of Exchange
FE: Faculty Exchange, GSE: Graduate Student Exchange, USE: Undergraduate Student Exchange, CR: Cooperative Exchange, IE: Information Exchange




Field of Exchange

Type of Exchange

Argentine Republic University of Buenos Aires* Jul. 2019 All O O O O O
Brazil Federal University of Pernambuco Jul. 1981 Latin America Studies O O
Hospital Santa Cruz Sep. 2016 Medical Sciences and related fields O O O
Sao Paulo Research Foundation* Sep. 2017 O O O
São Paulo State University (UNESP)* Mar. 2018 All fields common to both institution (Medical and Systems and Information Engineering) O O O O O
State University of Campinas* Feb. 2017 Agriculture, Life sciences, Environmental sciences and Systems and Information Engineering O O O O O
University of Brasilia* Mar. 2013 All O O O O O
niversity of Sao Paulo* Jan. 2014 All fields in common O O O O O
University of Sao Paulo
(School of Physical Education and Sport)
Nov. 2009 Health and Sport Science and related fields O O O O O
University of Sao Paulo* Sep. 2016 All O O O O O
University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto
(Medical School, School of Pharmaceutical)
Dec. 2016 Health Science, Pharmacy and related fields O O O O O
Republic of Chile University of Chile* Aug. 2004 All O O O O O
Mexico El Colegio de Mexico Apr. 1979 Humanities, Social Sciences O O O O
Graduate School on Agricultural Sciences (Colegio de Postograduados de Ciencias Agricolas, COLPOS) Oct. 2019 Agricultural Sciences and other related disciplines O O O O O
University of Guadalajara* Mar. 2017 Life and Environmental Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Art and related field of Inter-university Exchange Project O O O O O
Republic of Peru Pontifical Catholic University of Peru* Mar. 2008 All O O O O O
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, UNMSM* Jan. 2020 All fields in Common O O O O O
Columbia Industrial University of Santander* Jan. 2017 All (Algal biomass energy system and related fields) O O O O
Universidad de los Andes* Aug. 2015 Based on consultation O O O O O