• Support and Tools for Researchers

    Research Supprt

    Organization for the Support and Development of Strategic Initiatives
    The Strategic Initiative is university research support system aims to strengthen our university’s distinctive features and strong points.
    The Organization for the Support and Development of Strategic Initiatives provides financial and human support for our faculty’s prominent research and research project with the potential.

    Research Administration Office
    The University Research Administrator who has research experience actively supports research management. They improve research activity at the university through reduction of researchers’ excessive burden and providing helpful research information.

    International Support Office
    The International Support Office provides services for the international teaching staff, researches and their family members, so you may stop by the office to receive answers to basic questions, and also reach us by phone or email.

    Office Location: 1st floor, 1A Bldg.
    Office Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

      Support Services
    • ・Proxy filing for the Certificate of Eligibility
    • ・Providing advice and information on status of residence, procedures at the city hall, daily living matters, and so on.
      Inquiries can be directed below:
    • Tel & Fax: 029-853-2387
    • Email: (Remove "#" from the above e-mail address before sending mail.)

    Tools for Researchers

    Accommodation Facilities - List (Reference)

    Community of Tsukuba Researchers (COTRE)

    Research Unit Magazine

  • - Research Unit: The University of Tsukuba employs a system of "Research Unit", aiming to help organizing researchers of different fields and function as research center of each research field.
  • - Research Group: "Research Group Registration", a system to register and transmit researchers' information, is implemented to organize and visualize relatively-small research groups.
  • University Spin Offs

    University Spin Offs
    The University of Tsukuba is active in entrepreneurship education, offering active business management lectures and living entrepreneur's workshop. The number of university spin off is the top class in Japan.

    Research Compliance

    Fair Promotion of Research Activities
    To deal with misconduct such as data fabrication in research activities, the University of Tsukuba has set up rules of behavior to prevent such misconduct.


    For Visitors
    There are two accommodation facilities on Tsukuba Campus: University Guest House (University Hall) and Amakubo Guest House (Amakubo Area).
    For International Students

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