• Electricity Monitoring of Tsukuba Campus

    Ahead of expected power shortages in the coming months, the Japanese government has set its summer energy-saving target at 15 % for areas which are supplied by the Tokyo and Tohoku power companies. To achieve this target for sure, University of Tsukuba has set its target at 25 %.
    The power-saving target is set at 17,145kW(25 % YoY decrease)against the Standard Power Usage (the maximum power usage on Tsukuba Campus during the same period of last year) of 22,860kW.
    The University of Tsukuba Electricity Monitoring System (TEMS) works to visualize the information of power usage, and enables us to share the information about it. The University of Tsukuba makes use of TEMS to improve one’s consciousness of power-saving.

    Electricity Monitoring of Tsukuba Campus( 2020 / 10 / 26 Mon 11:00 )
    Power Usage Rate:
    50 [%]
    Chart Tsukuba
    Power Usage: 10,428 (kW)
    Standard Power Usage: 20,680 (kW)
    Energy-Saving Target:
    20,266 [kW]

    ―:Standard Power Usage ---:Power-Saving Target :Power Usage
    (The data includes the Power Usage of University Hospital, excluding that of Residence Halls.)

    ? Power usage rate against the whole power supply of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company)
    (Today's Power Usage as of 9 o'clock)
    Power Usage Rate:
    80 [%]
    Power Usage: 3,173 (10 thousand kW)
    Power Supply: 3,986 (10 thousand kW)

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