• The 108th WPI-IIIS Seminar

    03 22, 2017

    Please note this seminar is about the topic on research ethics.

    Date / Time Wednesday, March 22, 16:30 - 17:30
    Place 1F Auditorium, IIIS Building, Medical Area, University of Tsukuba
    Speaker Dr. Toshio Kuroki
    WPI Program Director, JSPS
    Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
    Subject "Research Misconduct – Lessons learnt from case studies"
    Summary Great concern over scientific misconduct has been expressed by both the scientific community and the public at large. In Japan, repeated media coverage in 2014-2015 of two incidents, namely the fraudulent data for the antihypertensive drug Diovan marketed by Novartis, and the STAP cell scandal, evoked widespread concern. In my lecture, I will analyze some misconduct cases and summarize lessons learnt from them.
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