• Qualifying Examination 1 (QE1) (Ph.D. Program in Human Biology)

    06 23, 2017

    Date / Time Fri. June 23, 2017, 13:00-
    Place Laboratory of Advanced Research B 110, the University of Tsukuba
    Access Take a bus bound for "Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo" or the "University Loop-line On-campus Bus [Tsukuba Daigaku Junkan Bus]" and get off at Daiichi Area Mae
    What is QE1? Ph.D. Program in Human Biology is a five-year doctoral program. Students are forced to pass the QE1, which is the examination for evaluating the planning ability of research or business project, at the end of 2nd year. Assessment criteria for the QE1 are set based on the evidence of "Strong will to contribute to global issues", "Ability to identify global issues with general and specialized knowledge on human biology" and "Ability to plan and complete a research project to resolve the issues". A lot of faculty members and students in and out of HBP join the oral presentation and discuss actively.
    Language English
    Eligible Participants The event is open to all.
    Program 13:00-13:30
    Mr. Arvin Lapiz VALDERRAMA
    "Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression by the Ccr4-Not complex."

    Ms. Menghua Zhang
    "Anti-inflammation and adipogenesis inhibition functions of Stylissatin A"

    Ms. Sakura Eri Bautista MAEZONO
    "Links between REM sleep and Alzheimer's Disease"
    Organizer Ph. D. Program in Human Biology, Leading Graduate Doctoral Program, the University of Tsukuba
    Contact Office for the School of Integrative and Global Majors (SIGMA)
    Laboratory of Advanced Research A, Area 2, the University of Tsukuba
    (1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577)
    Tel: 029-853-7085
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