• Yomikyo Brass, 7th Tsukuba Recital Series

    01 14, 2019

    "Tsukuba Recital Series" is a challenge by Tsukuba University students to host a top class classic concert at Tsukuba City with an unbelievable ticket price.

    "Thanks to the generous support from local companies as well as cloud funding, you can enjoy the performance of "Yomikyo Brass" by the best players from a brass section of the Japanese leading Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra ( with inexpensive admission tickets. A ticket for the general public is only \ 1,000, while students can get FREE tickets with advance reservation.

    Date / Time Jan. 14, Mon (Public Holiday). 2 pm (Door opens at 1:30 pm)
    Venue Tsukuba Capio Hall (10 minute walk from Tsukuba Station)
    Performer Yomikyo Brass - Ken-ich Tsujimoto (Tp), Chonho Yoon (Tp), Tatsuo Nippashi (Hr), Akira Kuwata (Tb), Shimpei Tsugita (Tuba)
    Program Kevin McKee: Escape
    Eugene Bozza: Sonatine
    John Cheetham : Scherzo
    Mitsunori Eto : On a fictive street corner (Premiere)
    Eiko Orita: Brass Quintet
    Paul Nagle: Jive for Five

    After the announcement of the concert, we received many voices of the expectations from the brass players at the university. We will show you some of them.

    "I want you to feel the pressure of the sound which can not be felt through CDs. I’ve heard Mr.Tsujimoto’s trumpet and Mr.Tsugita’s Tuba. Mr.Tsujimoto's sweet sounds, Mr.Tsugita’s marvelous sound- “Can he do all such things with Tuba?”. You should experience them directly." (N.T., College of Comparative Culture, University of Tsukuba)

    "Because he had played in the United States, Mr.Yoon is also good at bluesy solo, and on the other hand he plays folk songs etc. very nice. Please listen to the recordings of Amazing Grace and Arirang on his own official website." (Toshihito Waki, Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba)

    "I think Mr.Nippashi is a young horn player with rich tone and versatile expressions. He plays not only in the orchestra but also as a soloist actively. ...Alexander’s traditional sounds loved around the world, including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Mr.Nippashi seems to be the leading player who inherits it in Japan." (T.O., College of International Studies, University of Tsukuba)

    "The first CD I got after I entered the brass band in junior high school and began to play the trombone was "COLORS" by Mr. Akira Kuwata. His soft and smooth sound taught what Trombone is, to me, who was still a beginner at that time." (Tsubasa Takeda, College of Comparative Culture, University of Tsukuba)

    "When I first heard Mr. Tsugita's melodious sound, I could hardly believe my ears. "Is the instrument he plays really tuba?" He manipulates tuba freely, from the treble high tone to the deep bass resonating with a belly. This is a very good chance to listen to one of the best, no, truly the best tuba in Japan (and free of charge!)." (Tomohisa Tabata, College of Comparative Culture, University of Tsukuba)
    Admission Free students tickets available only through advance reservation
    Note Free seating
    Please note that children under 10 will not be admitted to preserve the tranquility of the concert.
    Contact For inquiries, send an e-mail to
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