• 4th Workshop on “3D Semiconductor Imaging Sensor”

    01 27, 2020
    Date Jan 27, 2020 (Mon) 13:30-17:30
    Venue Tsukuba EPOCAL
    Online registration by Jan 23 , 2020 (Thu) at
    (on the day registration is possible)
    Registration fee free

    Imaging sensors detecting visible lights, X-rays and charged particles require innovations such as in sensitivity enhancement by hybridization of different materials, large-scale integration of fine size pixels, high-speed image transfer, and dynamic-range improvement for next stage applications in scientific, medical and industrial areas. One of the promising solutions is a 3D integration technology stacking different materials/chips vertically. This workshop is organized under a TIA-Kakehashi program "3D semiconductor quantum imaging sensor" (KEK-AIST-U Tokyo-U Tsukuba) to discuss directions of research activities with presentations on latest 3D integration technology and quantum imaging sensor technology.

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    4th Workshop on "3D Semiconductor Imaging Sensor"

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