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    What is the Top Global University Project?

    The Top Global University Project is Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) project that aims to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan. It provides ten-year funding (AY2014 - AY2023) for the world-class and innovative universities to lead the internationalization of Japanese universities. The University of Tsukuba was selected as one of the Type A (Top Type) universities that are conducting world-level education and research and have the potential to be ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.

    MEXT: Top Global University Japan

    Our Concept


    This website gives an original outline of the University of Tsukuba’s Top Global University Project, created in 2014.

    The main components of the University of Tsukuba's Top Global University Project


    The Campus-in-Campus (CiC) Initiative is a scheme of sharing campuses among the partner universities through which partner universities are to enhance the mobility of students, faculty members and administrative staff.

    Course Jukebox

    Course Jukebox is a platform for course sharing among the CiC partner universities which provides information on courses and educational programs. It aims to promote mobility of students within and beyond the network of CiC partner universities.

    Overseas research and education units invitation
    International Education and Research Laboratory Program

    This is an effort to invite prominent researchers and laboratories from reputable overseas institutions to the University of Tsukuba, with an aim of creating world-class research and education centers on its campus. The program is to contribute to increased international research collaboration and other activities leading to enhancing of international academic collaboration.

    New Degree Programs

    The university creates a variety of degree programs as a part of the Top Global University Project, such as the Japan-Expert (bachelor degree) Program, the Bachelor's Program in Global Issues, as well as various joint degree programs with overseas partner universities.

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