• Student Counseling

    Student Counseling

    Reception: Tel 029-853-2415 (from 9:00 to 17:00) (appointment necessary)
    Consultation by telephone: Tel 029-853-2406 (from 9:00 to 17:00)
    Professional counselors at the University Health Center are available to discuss various problems with the students.

    International Student Counseling

    International student advisors, academic advisors are available to advise students on any problems.
    T.TAKEMORI Tel 029-853-6240
    R.FUNAKI Tel 029-853-6766
    K.YAMAGUCHI Tel 029-853-6766

    ※ Consultation is available in Japanese and English.
    ※ Office hours are subject to change.
    Location: 2F, University Hall
    Tel 029-853-6240, 6766 Fax 029-853-6240
    Counseling on Academic & Daily Life

    (a) Academic life issues
    ・Academic advisor
    ・Admission to continue studies at a higher level, etc.

    (b) Daily life and adjustment issues
    ・Intercultural adjustment
    ・Residence hall, etc.

    (c) Financial issues
    ・Tuition, Living expenses, Scholarship, etc.

    (d) Mental and physical health issues
    ・Sleeplessness, anxiety, depression etc.*

    Advisory Staff in Graduate Schools

    You can also contact the following advisory staff in graduate schools for advice concerning problems with academic matters, including questions about how to fill the application forms for graduate school entrance examinations, classes you are planning to take, etc.

    • Prof. Zhen-ya ZHANG (Faculty of Environmental Sciences)
    • Prof. Jie LI (Faculty of Systems and Information Engineering)
    • Prof. Yasufumi UEKITA (Faculty of Art and Design)
    • Prof. Hiromi MIKI (Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences)
    • Prof. Sangtae KIM (Faculty of Library Information and Media Studies)

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