• University Recommendation

    Applications Call for AY 2018-19 University Recommendation Scholarships for Privately Financed International Students

    Eligibility: Among international students holding a status of residence of "Student", undergraduate, graduate and research students are eligible to apply

    1) Students who will be taking a temporary leave of absence from the university in AY2018-19
    2) Students who are expected to receive any scholarships or grants (including those covering living expenses) in AY2018-19
    3) Students who will continue to receive their current scholarship in AY2018-19

    Appliaction Period : Monday, June 26, 2017 - Friday, July 7, 2017

    You can download the application forms for the AY2018-19 Privately-Financed International Students Scholarship Selection. For more details, please refer to the Application Guide.

    Self-supporting students can apply for a scholarship through university recommendation only once a year.

    1. Students who wish to receive this type of scholarship and who meet all the requirements should complete the prescribed application form in July (see Note 6) and submit it within the specified time limit to the dean of the educational organization (college/graduate course) they are enrolled in.

    2. The application will be examined by the respective educational organization and, if accepted, it will be given a recommendation ranking and will be recommended further to the President of the university.

    3. Upon receiving application announcements from the various scholarship foundations, a selection committee selects students for recommendation among the candidates nominated by each educational organization of the university according to the ranking received by such students.

    4. Selected candidates will be informed about the procedure required in order to submit their applications to the respective scholarship foundations by the president of the university through the dean of their educational orginization.

    5. The selected candidates will then submit all the required documents, through the dean of their educational organization, to the President of the university.

    6. The President of the university will recommend the selected candidates to the scholarship foundations.

    Note 1: Please check the requirements for the applications as noted in the annual "Recruitment Requirements" materials distributed by the Division of Student Exchange.

    Note 2: Applicants cannot simultaneously receive two scholarships based on university recommendation.

    Note 3: Not all candidates recommended by the university will be accepted by the scholarship foundations.

    Note 4: Not all applicants will be recommended to a scholarship foundation; therefore, students are advised to simultaneously apply for a scholarship through direct application as well. (Please also note that, if you receive a scholarship through direct application, you are ineligible for any scholarships through recommendation from the university, as you cannot simultaneously receive two scholarships.)

    Note 5: Only candidates who have been selected for recommendation will be notified.

    Note 6: An additional recruitment for scholarship applications is organized the following year in April, for degree-students or non-degree research students who enroll from August 2017 to April 2018. Students who have already applied at our university at the time of the July recruitment cannot apply during this additional recruitment. (Students who were not able to apply due to a leave of absence from the university, but who will re-enroll the following academic year, may apply.)

    For the list of scholarships that necessitates university recommendation is available on the "Scholarships" page of the "International Students' Guidebook".

    Name of the documents

    1. Poster for Application (pdf)

    2. Application Guide (pdf)

    3. Application Form (Form 1: pdf/word)

    4. Study Plan (Only for undergarduate students) (Form 2: pdf/word)

    5.Research Plan (Only for graduate and research students) (Form 3: pdf/word)

    6. Supervisor's Remarks (Form 4: pdf/word)

    7. Status of Enrollment Notification (Form 5: pdf/word)

    8. Academic Record Entry Sheet (Only for graduate students in their first year of the master's or doctoral program) (Form 6: pdf/word)

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