• Please submit the “Overseas Travel Notification”

    12 04, 2019

    The online system for “Overseas Travel Notification (OTN)” has been newly introduced from November 2015 for the crisis management of overseas dispatch of students and determining the student’s overseas travel information and based on the data we can confirm your safety promptly when emergency situations hit the countries or areas where you are staying.

    With regard to travel information collected by the submission of the notification, with its use as data for determining the number of students dispatched overseas, we aim at making the submission rate of the notification 100% and contribute to the implementation of safety confirmation and determination of the number of those dispatched overseas, and for the determination of those dispatched overseas this academic year, if the OTN is yet to be submitted with regard to travel on or after April 1, 2019, promptly input your information in the system.

    Inquiry: Global Commons TEL. 029-853-7401

    Please submit the “Overseas Travel Notification”
    Instruction for the Overseas Travel Notification system

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