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    Thank you for your interest in the Short-Term Exchange Program at the University of Tsukuba! Our Junior Year at Tsukuba Program (JTP) has been hosting hundreds of international students who have been eager to study in Japan. It is not necessary for you to be fluent in Japanese to participate in the program, and yet you can take great advantage of various cultural and academic opportunities. In order to assist you with your studies on Japanese language, culture, science, and technology, JTP currently offers a variety of courses in English.

    Our exchange program is open for short-term international students from partner institutions in principal. To apply for the program, please be nominated by your home institution’s exchange coordinator at first. Then, please fill out online application form and submit required documents.

    If you wish to conduct research at the graduate level as an Exchange Research Student, please carry out same procedure.

    Application 2021-2022

    【UPDATED for Spring Semester AY2021】

    Important Notice

    1. The exchange program in Fall Semester AY 2020 was cancelled. For students who would like to postpone your program to Spring 2021, we request that you get nomination by your university again and re-apply for the program by following the steps below.
    2. The exchange program in Spring Semester AY 2021 is planned to be conducted face-to-face. However, there is a possibility that the program will be changed to online or cancelled depending on the COVID-19 situation and the state of travel conditions including entry restrictions by Japanese government.

    How to Apply

    To apply for our Exchange Program, please read following Application Guide carefully.

    Application Guide 2021-2022


    For Exchange Coordinators of Partner Universities

    Please register your information and nominate students on the following online application system.

    *Login code of the system will be provided upon request. Please contact to the e-mail address below.


    Division of Student Exchange
    *Please write the title as below.
    【request of login code】 the name of your university, the month of enrollment
    (e.g. “【request of login code】University of ○○, April 2021”)
    *Please send an e-mail with writing the coordinator’s name, your university, and your position in the text.


    For Students

    Please enter required information on the following online application system after the nomination by your exchange coordinator.
    *Login password will be sent to students by email as soon as the nomination process by an exchange coordinator finishes.


    Application Schedule

    Spring Semester 2021 (Starts in April)

    Online Application Period:
    October 1st (THU) to November 13th (FRI)

    Deadline of Application Materials:
    November 20th (FRI)


    *Incomplete applications or applications that reach the University of Tsukuba after the designated submission deadline will not be accepted.
    *Application period for fall semester 2020 (starts in October) has been over.


    Application schedules of programs starting from other months are as follows:

    Start of Your Study in Tsukuba Online Application Period Deadline of Excel Data and Materials
    February 2021 September 1 to September 30, 2020 September 30, 2020
    March 2021 October 30, 2020
    April 2021 October 1 to November 13, 2020 November 20, 2020
    May 2021 November 2 to December 11, 2020 December 25, 2020
    June 2021 December 1, 2020 to January 15, 2021 January 29, 2021
    July 2021 January 4 to February 12, 2021 February 26, 2021
    August 2021 February 1 to March 12, 2021 March 31, 2021
    September 2021 March 1 to April 16, 2021 April 23, 2021
    October 2021

    *Students who wish to earn credit points need to start their studies at the beginning of each semester (April or October).
    *The Schedule above is subject to change.
    *Due to system maintenance, online application form is not available on the dates below:
    ・August 2-August 31, 2021


    Application Materials

    For details, please make sure to check the Application Guide.

    Online Submission




    1 Formal Letter of Request for Admission ・Prepare a letter according to the sample.
    2 Official Transcript of Academic Records  
    3 Official Certificate of Enrollment  
    4 Copy of Passport  
    5 JLPT Certificate of Result and Score ・Only if you have any.
    6 Certificate of Your Staying in Japan ・Only if you have experience staying in Japan for purposes other than tourism.
    e.g. summer program, working holiday.

    *Please upload scanned data of the documents above on the online form.
    * Valid image formats are JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF.
    * PDF file is NOT acceptable.


    Send by Post




    1 Application Package Cover Sheet and Checklist ・Download designated format (Excel).
    2 Two ID Photos
    (40mm long × 30mm wide)
    ・Prepare appropriate photos according to examples.
    3 Certificate of Bank Balance
    *Applicant’s own latest bank account balance
    Certificate of Scholarship/Student Loan


    Send by E-mail




    1 Application for Certificate of Eligibility ・Download designated format (Excel).
    ・Check the sample carefully to prevent mistakes.


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