• Non-Degree Research Student (Kenkyusei)

    Research students are those persons who conduct research about a specific research topic under the guidance of an academic advisor. Upon receiving permission from their academic advisor or the instructor(s) in charge of courses, research students are allowed to attend courses related to their research topic, but they cannot earn credits nor are they eligible to receive Masters or Doctoral degrees. At our university, most research guidance and courses are conducted in Japanese. Therefore, those who are applying to become research students must have sufficient Japanese skills.
    In order to qualify for admission at our university, research students must be graduates of a university. Moreover, prior to application, applicants must obtain the informal consent of the academic advisor under whom they wish to study during their research period at our university. The selection is made by a screening of the application documents. The applicant is not required to come to Japan for the selection.

    April, 2019
    University of Tsukuba

    Announcement of Organizational Restructuring of Graduate Schools and Programs at the University of Tsukuba (Scheduled in AY 2020)

    The University of Tsukuba plans to implement organizational restructuring of graduate schools and programs in AY 2020.
    Therefore, before making an application, please carefully read the following statements relative to AY 2020 graduate school admission.

    1. For the outline of the organizational restructuring plan, please visit the university’s website at:

    Note: all the names of organizations and degree programs on the website remain tentative before they get chartered.

    2. The organizational restructuring plan of graduate schools and programs must pass through a chartering process overseen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The university is expected to file this chartering application in late April, and the application will be reviewed until late August. Therefore, entrance examinations scheduled between July and November, for which application guidelines are being published before completing the review process, will be delivered by present graduate schools and programs.

    3. If the university pass through the chartering process, successful applicants including those who take entrance examinations conducted before November will be admitted to new degree programs at the timing of admission (From April, 2020). Therefore, please carefully confirm which new degree programs succeed present graduate schools and programs before making an application.

    4. The university will release detailed information regarding to which degree programs successful applicants are being admitted in AY 2020 by publishing a comparison table on the university’s website, and strive to provide easy-to-understand information. After completing the chartering process, the university will inform successful applicants of names of degree programs to which they will belong and relevant procedures.

    (International Non-Degree Research Student)
    Those for April admission AY 2020 will be conducted under the existing guideline of present graduate schools and programs. After completing the chartering process, new degree programs will become effective starting with the application and screening for October and December Admission AY 2020.

    Application Schedule

    Admission timing

    Submission timing (Web application)

    Submission periods of application documents

    <Must reach us>

    Announcement of selection results



    September 24 (Tue)

    to October 11(Fri) 15:00 JST, 2019

    September 24 (Tue)

    to October 21(Mon) , 2019

    Early December




    March 23(Mon)

    to April 10(Fri) 15:00 JST, 2020

    March 23 (Mon)

    to April 20 (Mon) , 2020

    Early July




    May 22 (Fri)

    to June 5(Fri) 15:00 JST, 2020

    May 22 (Fri)

    to June 15 (Mon), 2020

    Mid. August


    Application Guide

    Application Process Overview Chart

    Application Guidelines for International Non-Degree Students for AY 2020 Admission

    Enrollment Guidebook for International Students(2019-2020)

    Application Process

    1. Please refer to Application Process Overview Chart and Application Guidelines for International Non-Degree Students for AY 2020 Admission

    2. Establish contact with the faculty member directly by e-mail or post using the Tsukuba Researcher Information Online System (TRIOS) as a reference. Obtain his/her informal consent to be your prospective academic advisor. He/she will notify you of the reference number which is required to be entered during the web application.


    ●The Division of Student Exchange is not available for referrals of faculty members and inquiries of e-mail addresses, etc.

    ●For the location of each program office, the list of websites and contact information are listed on “Miscellaneous” at the end of the Enrollment Guidebook for International Students.

    ●Make first contact with your prospective advisor with time to spare in case you might take time for getting your reference number.

    Necessary information to contact Prospective Academic Advisor:

    1. Academic record (from elementary school to university/graduate school),
    2. Employment record 3. Research achievements made in the past few years, eg. the graduation thesis, research topics 4. Statement of reason why you chose the prospective academic advisor 5. Statement of reason why you chose University of Tsukuba 6. Research plans 7. Statement of the presence or absence of desire to go to graduate school (master’s or doctoral program) 8. Method of financial backing during your stay in Japan 9. Language proficiency level in Japanese and English

    3. Payment methods of application fee (9,800 yen)

    4. The application must be made on the web entry system linked below.
    Research Student Admissions Web Entry

    ●Downloaded application form must be printed into PDF copies (①.&②) .

    ●It is not possible to login the application system after the application period ends.

    5. Send the printed application forms with required documents as registered mail.

    ●Use EMS (Express Mail Service) or any other methods through which the application documents can be tracked. The application submission period will be strictly observed.

    ●For required documents, please check Application Guide for International Non-Degree Students for AY 2020 Admission

    University prescribed forms

    ► Confirmation Letter(PDF)

    ► Letter of Recommendation (PDF / WORD)

    ► Application Checklist for International Non-Degree Research Students for AY 2020 (PDF)


    Applicants who need to obtain a Student Visa

    Together with the application form and required documents, the submission of application documents for the “Certificate of Eligibility” (COE) is needed to obtain a Student visa you will be required if you pass. COE application documents must be sent by post during the application period together with other application documents.

    Documents required for COE application

    • ► "Certificate of Eligibility" (COE) and "procedures for issuing visas" (PDF)
    • ► Checklist at the filing of COE application (PDF)
    • ► Application for certificate of eligibility 1 (PDF / EXCEL)
    • ► Application for certificate of eligibility 2 (PDF / EXCEL)
    • ► Application for certificate of eligibility 3 (PDF / EXCEL)
    • ► Application for certificate of eligibility (Entry example) (PDF)
    • ► Request form for proxy for application for the certificate of eligibility (PDF / WORD)
    • ► Written oath for defraying expenses (PDF /WORD)
    • ► Written oath for defraying expenses (Entry example) (PDF)

    Selection result

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    Contact Information
    Division of Student Exchange (International Student Exchange), Department of Student Affairs, University of Tsukuba
    (Remove "#" from the above e-mail address before sending email.)

    *Our FAQ provides answers to the inquiries we often receive from applicants. Please check it before making an inquiry.

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