• Non-degree Research Students (Kenkyusei)

    Research Student Admissions

    Selection is based on the submitted documents, so it is not necessary to come to Japan to apply. Together with the application form, students must submit a "Communication Status with Prospective Academic Advisor Form" completed by the faculty member of this university. Students are required to contact the faculty member concerning their study plans and Japanese language proficiency, then obtain his/her advance approval concerning study plans and Japanese language proficiency before applying for research student status to the Division of Student Exchange.

    Application Forms

    Important Date


    ► Please contact the professors directly. For information regarding professors of University of Tsukuba, refer to "Enrollment Guidebook" for International Students" or "Tsukuba Researchers Information Online System(TRIOS)",and home page of respective graduate school. If their email is not available, you should try contacting them by post.

    ► Website of each program is available at the end of the "Enrollment Guidebook for International Students, University of Tsukuba", on the "Miscellaneous" page.

    Contacting a Prospective Advisor

    Students should contact their prospective academic advisors. To avoid surprising their advisor, students should send a letter in advance including their curriculum vitae and other pertinent documents.
    Normally, students are required to send the following documents:

    • 1. Record of Academic History (from elementary school to university/graduate school)
    • 2. Employment record
    • 3. Statement of how they found out about their academic advisor
    • 4. Statement of why the student would like the prospective professor as an academic advisor
    • 5. Study plan
    • 6. Statement of Intent regarding applying to graduate school in the future
    • 7. Certification of financial resources during the student's stay in Japan
    • 8. Copies of graduation certificates and academic records
    • 9. A copy of a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor from the student's home university
    • 10. An acceptable certificate of ability of Japanese language (Test scores of Japanese Language Examination or Certificates completed by Japanese teachers).

    Several exchanges between the student and an academic advisor are usually necessary before acceptance by the academic advisor. Therefore, students are strongly advised to make their first contact with their desired academic advisor a few months before the application deadline.

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