• Cooperative Graduate School System

    Due to the progress and further sophistication of science and technology, research fields have become more departmentalized and specialized. New interdisciplinary fields have emerged that defy the boundaries of traditional academic fields, leading to the need for integrated research.

    The vast amount of knowledge needed to take interdisciplinary research from basic principles to the application stage has made it necessary for researchers from different fields to cooperate with each other. In order to fulfill that need, there is increased demand for new, integrated, and interdisciplinary methods of educating researchers.

    The first system of the Cooperative Graduate School System was created to respond to these academic and social needs. We have worked toward forging links with the large number of national, independent, and private experimantal resarch institutes in and outside Tsukuba Science City. We employ resarchers from these institutes as visiting professors and associate professors, thereby giving our students the opportunity to have their work supervised by researchers from leading edge research facilities. This system has been in place since 1992. It aims to diversify and extend the educational and research domain for further enhancement of graduate school education and qualification of students, and to contribute to the development of science and technology by promoting exchange with research institutes.

    In 2004, we launched the second system of the Cooperative Graduate School System at the doctoral program level. We established Cooperative Doctoral Programs made up of researchers from various institutes. This allows us to provide an education that makes good use of the state-of-the-art facilities at the research institues.

    [When we started this new system in 2004, with the cooperation of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), we were able to establish a Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineeering (3-year program) in the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences. In 2005, with the cooperation of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, we were able to offer the Doctoral Program in Advanced Agricultural Technology and Sciences (3-year program) through the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences.]

    Under the first cooperative graduate school system, the researchers participate in the graduate education such as student's education, selection of newly enrolled students, thesis evaluation, etc in an equal standpoint with the faculty members of the University of Tsukuba. However, according to school rgulation, under the second cooperative graduate school system, the reserachers also partivipate in the management of relevant programs in addition to those mentioned above.

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