• Payment of Examination Fee for Individuals Residing Overseas

    Individuals who reside overseas can pay the examination fee online with a credit card through

    . Payment periods of respective examinations are listed below. After completing the payment procedure, please send the hard copy of the page along with necessary documents. Please note that examination fees will not be refunded in any case.
    * This is not applied to individuals who reside in Japan.

    1. All graduate programs (excluding Tokyo Campus)
    Examination Period Payment period
    July 2017.06.01-06.09
    August 2017.07.03-07.21
    October 2017.09.01-09.21
    February 2017.12.01-2018.01.10
    International Development and Peace through Sport 2017.08.01-09.01
    Joint Doctoral Program in Advanced Physical Education and Sports for Higher Education

    2. Business Sciences / Comprehensive Human Sciences (Tokyo Campus)
    Examination Period / Main Fields Payment period
    July Sports and Health Promotion 2017.06.11-06.24
    August Lifespan Development 2017.07.02-07.15
    September Sports and Health Promotion
    Advanced Studies of Business Law
    Systems Management and Business Law
    Law School Program 2017.07.23-08.23
    November Systems Management 2017.09.17-10.07
    MBA Program in International Business First payment 2017.08.22-09.30
    Second payment 2017.10.27-11.10
    Lifespan Developmental Sciences 2017.09.17-10.07
    Sports and Wellness Promotion 2017.09.17-10.07

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