• For Teachers of Returnee Students

    *This information is for teachers of returnee students. Applicants are required to refer to the guideline in Japanese.
    Admission Information for Undergraduate Students

    The University of Tsukuba accepts an application for special entrance examination on recommendation in order to allow returnee students to enroll for the Fall Semester (August Admission). The applicant must meet the designated qualifications and must have been recommended by the principal of the school he or she has attended.

    Entrance Examination Schedule

    Rough schedule of the entrance examination schedule is as follows;

    • Application Periods: last half of May
    • Examination: July
    • Announcement of Results: July
    • Enrollment Date: August 1st

    Qualification of Applicant and Recommendation Requirements

    Individuals who have Japanese citizenship or permanent resident status and fall under the categories 1 and 2 below are eligible to apply for this program.

    1. As for category 1, the applicant must satisfy one of the requirements (A) through (D).

    • (A) (a) The applicant has completed or is expected to complete 12 years of formal school education outside Japan (it can be added the period of school education curriculum in Japan.)
      (b) The applicant has been enrolled continuously in the school outside Japan for at least two years including his or her final academic year.
      (c) The applicant has completed or is expected to complete between April 1 and July 31 this year.
    • (B) The applicant holds an International Baccalaureate from the International Baccalaureate Organization based on Swiss civil code and will be 18 years old before enrollment (i.e., has acquired the diploma or is expected to).
    • (C) The applicant holds an Abitur recognized as a university entrance exam qualification in all of the states of Germany, and will be 18 years old before enrollment.
    • (D) The applicant holds a Baccalaureat recognized in France as the qualification for university enrollment and will be 18 years old before enrollment.
    • Note:
      For those who have completed an appropriate course at an international school or an American school, the school needs to be recognized as equivalent to a 12-year education program or higher in that country.

    2. The applicant must meet either one of the criteria below and must obtain a recommendation from the principal of the school and make a commitment to enroll in the University of Tsukuba when he or she has successfully passed the entrance examination.

    • (A) A student with excellent grades in all subject areas
    • (B) A student who has demonstrated particularly good academic capability in the academic field he or she wishes to pursue
    • (1) If the qualified applicant does not apply for the Fall Semester enrollment, he or she is allowed to apply for Recommendation Entrance Examination for next Japanese academic year (Next April Admission). The examination by recommendation will be offered to students in Japan and returnee students, and the examination will be held around November.
    • (2) The Recommendation Entrance Examination for Returnee Students who wish to enter the School of Health and Physical Education and School of Art and Design, as an exception, will be held around November, at the same time as the Recommendation Entrance Examination for next Japanese academic year (Next April Admission).
    • * The same eligibility requirements as those for the Fall Semester enrollment must be fulfilled. Next year's guideline for applicant selection written in Japanese will be released in late July.

    Selection Method

    • Short essay in Japanese and one of the other designated languages
    • Individual interview in Japanese

    Application documents

    • Student's application form
      (The format is designated by the University of Tsukuba)
    • Letter of nomination by the principal
      (The format is designated by the University of Tsukuba, sealed off)
    • Original transcript issued by the school


    If you have any questions, please contact us with information below.
    Division of Admission, Department of Educational Promotion, University of Tsukuba
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