• Making a Tsukuba Brand

    Consolidating the identity of the University of Tsukuba is one of the goals set by University President Yamada at the beginning of his term as the university president. To realize this goal, staff of the Office for Strategies of Public Relations and executive advisors to the president came together to formulate strategies to create the "Tsukuba brand".

    The University of Tsukuba stipulate in the 2nd mid-term plan that "the university will strive to make a Tsukuba brand based on the university's identity, plan media strategy in cooperation with society and stakeholders, and promote publicity activities." Based on this statement, the university decided to create the "concept", "identity", and "slogan" for the University of Tsukuba brand.

    The president unveiled the slogan "IMAGINE THE FUTURE." in the president's message to staff and faculty members in April 2010 and in the president's address to newly-enrolled students during the entrance ceremony.

    The slogan of "IMAGINE THE FUTURE." is written by Mr. Hiroshi Ichikura, a copy writer who is also one of the first batch of graduates of the university. Alumni who are working in advertizing companies organized the "TSUKUBA BRANDING CREWS" with Mr. Ichikura as a key player and produced the message song of the "IMAGINE THE FUTURE" and planned various projects as volunteers.

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    Message Song "IMAGINE THE FUTURE"

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