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Website for 新入生歓迎祭(Welcome Festival for New Students)

This is the website made especially for the "新入生歓迎祭Shin'nyusei Kangeisai; SHINKAN (Welcome Festival for New Students)" so please have a look at it. You'll find many clubs and circles there.

筑波大学新歓Web(Website for Shin'nyusei Kangeisai)

Extracurricular Activities (Clubs and Circles)

The Student Groups(学生団体), the groups authorized by the University, are divided into the following two types.

①Extracurricular Activity Groups(課外活動団体);
The groups authorized by both the University and the respective Circles Associations(文化系サークル連合会Cultural Circles Federation/体育会Athletic Department/芸術系サークル連合会Artistic Circles Union)
(Note) Authorized student groups are given priority for using facilities and equipment at the university. In addition, they are allowed to participate in external activities as students of the university.

Student Groups(一般学生団体);
The authorized groups voluntarily organized by students. (Not belong to any of Circles Associations)

Please refer to the "Guidebook of Club Activity" for a list of student organizations and their activities.

Guidebook of Club Activity

Circles (Extracurricular Activity Groups) Associations

The representatives of extracurricular activity groups organize Circle-Rengokai [Circles Associations] for smooth extracurricular activities. The Circle-Rengokai is divided into the following three categories.

文化系サークル連合会(Bunka-kei Circle Rengokai; Bunsa-ren)
•University of Tsukuba Cultural Circles Federation(Japanese Page)
体育会(Tai-iku Kai)
• University of Tsukuba Athletic Department(Japanese Page)
芸術系サークル連合会(Geijutsu-kei Circle Rengokai; Geisa-ren)
• Artistic Circles Union University of Tsukuba(Japanese Page)

Extracurricular Activity Group Meeting

Representatives selected from each extracurricular activity group gather to meet at the Circle-Rengokai. Approvals of extracurricular activity group are made through the extracurricular activity group meeting.

Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba