Intensive Japanese Training

Japanese Language Courses

The Japanese Language Education Division of the Center for Education of Global Communication (CEGLOG) of the University of Tsukuba offers Japanese language courses to international students and other students of our university according to each student's Japanese language proficiency when it is inadequate for doing research, etc. Eligible students are shown below. If course conditions are met, these students can attend the Japanese Language Courses. Students must register for the course during the specified period, go through a placement test, and confirm their course level to take the course. (Students who are from countries with Internet access can also take an online test before coming to Japan.) Additionally, registration for each course may be closed on reaching maximum enrollment.

  • (1) International students of our university (except credited auditors (kamokuto rishusei))
  • a. Degree students (undergraduate and graduate)
  • b. Non-degree research students (including Teacher Training Students (kyoin kenshu ryugakusei))
  • c. Exchange students (tokubetsu choko gakusei) and Exchange research students (tokubetsu kenkyu gakusei)
  • d. Japanese studies (nihongo-nihon bunka kenshu ryugakusei)
  • e. Students of Intensive Japanese Training (nihongo kenshusei)
  • (2) Returnee students of our university

  • Exchange students (tokubetsu choko gakusei) at the undergraduate level have credit earning Japanese language courses, however, other students cannot earn credits.

※ Please refer to the""CEGLOC""website for further information.

Japanese Language Courses
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba