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On-Campus Transportation System (Bus Pass)

You can also use your bus pass for extra buses!

Kanto Railway Bus sometimes operates extra buses (Tsukuba Center - Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo) depending on the number of users, and the bus pass can also be used for these extra buses.

On-campus Transportation System allows annual unlimited rides on the buses from any bus stop on the route (refer to the bus route map below) between the Tsukuba Center bus terminal and the university, including each on-campus facility and student residence halls for 19,000 yen. We recommend especially freshmen who often need to move around the campus for classes to use this system. Note: For your reference, usual commuter pass costs 107,140 yen per year if you ride from Tsukuba Center to Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo (310 yen for one way).

How to Purchase the Bus Pass

Please fill in an application form and go to any of Maruzen bookstores on campus (University Hall area and others). Then present the form with your Student ID Card and pay the prescribed fare. The bus pass sticker (12mm x 32mm) will be attached to your Student ID Card on the spot.
For faculty and staff, please click here (Staff Page)

How to Use the Bus Pass

- The bus pass can be used "Tsukuba Daigaku Junkan (rightward/leftward)" and "Extra Bus (Tsukuba Center - Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo)" that run on the route map below.
Please note that even if a bus runs via a bus stop on the route map below, it cannot be used on the following routes. (If you use these routes, you will be required to pay a separate fare.)

 Tsuchiura Eki Higashiguchi - Tsukuba Center - Technopark Oho
 Arakawaoki Eki - Tsukuba Center - Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin
 Hitachinoushiku Eki - Tsukuba Center - Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin
 Tsuchiura Eki (Tsuchiura Shako) - Tsukuba Center - Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin
 Ushiku Eki - Tsukuba Center - Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin
 Shimotsuma Eki - Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin - Tsukuba Center (Gakuen Namiki)
 Ishige Eki - Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin - Tsuchiura Eki

- Make sure to take a numbered ticket when you get on a bus. Drop the numbered ticket into a fare box and show the bus pass sticker attached to your Student or Staff ID Card to a driver when you get off.

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- The bus pass will be valid from the date of purchase until March 31 of the academic year of the purchase date.
- The price of the pass does not change depending on the time of purchase throughout the year.
- The bus pass cannot be refunded after purchase.
- Only the person who bought the pass can use it. You may not lend or transfer it to others.
- If you are no longer a student at the University of Tsukuba, return the pass to the Academic
- If fraudulent use is discovered, you are subject to punishment under the rules. For example, use of an invalid bus pass even by accident is regarded as a fraud and you have to pay a penalty. Make sure to peel the expired pass sticker off promptly. Also, please purchase the renewed bus pass at a Maruzen bookstore if you wish to continue using the pass for the next academic year.
- In case that your Student ID Card is reissued due to damage or change of your name, the bus pass sticker will be reissued and attached to your reissued ID card if the bus pass sticker is attached to the ID card before reissue. In case that your Student ID is reissued due to loss, the bus pass will not be reissued. Please purchase the pass again at a Maruzen bookstore after reissue of your Student ID.

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Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba