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Celebrating 151st+50th Anniversary

  • History from the Normal School to the University of Tsukuba

    Coming October 1, 2023 marks the milestone of 151 years since the inception of our predecessor, the Normal School, and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Tsukuba. We have compiled a summary of our history here since our inception and the concept of our commemorative projects. Please take a look and enjoy!

About Us

The main Tsukuba campus is rich in nature, covers an area of 258 hectares (636 acres), making it the second largest single campus in Japan. Enjoy the atmosphere of the University of Tsukuba in the video.

  • Exploring Tsukuba on Campus Tour-Welcome back, high school students!
  • University of Tsukuba Athletes Dash
  • Relay Messages from Alumni and Students 2022
+ Other Videos

  • Graduate Programs Entrance Ceremony Highlight Video
  • Global Village Online Tour
  • University of Tsukuba Campus 2020
  • LIFE with LIBRARY ~University of Tsukuba Library~

Running on Campus

We have released a new-style campus tour video introducing our extensive campus by "running," which stretches 5 km from north to south. You can enjoy an immersive experience like running by yourself. All you prospective students and alumni out there, take a look!

  • Oikoshi to Hirasuna
  • Art and Physical Education/University Hall Area
+ Other Videos

  • Area 1 to Area 2, 3
  • Niji-no-Hiroba to Ichinoya Residence Area
  • Akebonosugi-dori Ave. to Administration Center
  • Athletic Fields to Baseball Field
  • Kasuga Area
  • Cherry Blossom Viewing in Spring

Aerial Video by Drone

  • University of Tsukuba AERIAL WALK 2022

    The concept for this time is "University of Tsukuba AERIAL WALK". Enjoy the view of the expansive 258ha campus from the sky.


  • Graduate Study at the University of Tsukuba (Top-10 in Japan)
  • Study a bachelor's degree in Japan - University of Tsukuba
  • Energy Materials Science Division, TREMS, Univ. Tsukuba
  • University of Tsukuba Interdisciplinary Engineering English program

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Celebrating the 151st{50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st{50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba