• Approach to the Environment

    Basic Philosophy

    The University of Tsukuba established the Master's Program in Environmental Sciences in 1977 to harmonize with nature and civilization. The university has various disciplines and its philosophy is to facilitate free and close exchanges with educational and research institutes across the world, pursue educational and research activities while producing academic achievements, and foster human resources with creative and rich humanity. The university also maintains unison and symbiosis with the nature to reduce environmental burdens.

    Basic Policy

    • The University of Tsukuba aims to foster environmentally-conscious individuals through education and research activities. The university also contributes to the preservation and improvement of environment in community by sharing its educational and research achievements.
    • The university aims to create environmentally-conscious campus to reduce environmental burdens and prevent environmental pollution through sustainable environmental management system.
    • The university sets environmental goals for chemical safety management, energy saving, resource saving, recycling, and green purchasing, and strives to achieve them.
    • The university abides by environment-related laws, regulations, and agreements, and works on voluntary environmental protection activities.


    • Committee for Promotion of Greenhouse Gas Reduction
      The committee aims to promote, evaluate, and review the greenhouse gas emission reduction program adopted by the University of Tsukuba in March 27, 2008. The committees has been established in May, 2008 to analyze monthly usage of energy and Co2 emission, review energy saving measures, and introduce energy saving equipment which contribute to the reduction of Co2 emission.
    • Promotion Committee for Greenhouse Gas Reduction in the Tsukuba Campus
      There are 90 electricity usage meters in the buildings of the Tsukuba campus.
      Each committee member is assigned to monitor electricity usage meters installed in several buildings (areas) in an effort to reduce the amount of electricity usage.


    Office of Planning, University of Tsukuba
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    Division of Environment and Safety Management, University of Tsukuba
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