• Social Contribution

    Giving our intellectual accomplishments back to the communities is an important mission for the university.

    Social Contribution Project

    Aiming to support diverse cooperative activities conducted with society and local communities, the University of Tsukuba has implemented on-campus projects open to all university staff and students.
    The university has been engaged in activities that take advantage of its unique features in a wide range areas, including the advancement of science, environment, sport, health, and art.

    The High School-University Cooperation

    The University of Tsukuba has produced many high school teachers over the whole country and cooperated with high school educational fronts including the attached high school.
    Based on the characteristics of the university, we dispatch our faculty members to high school around Japan to hold lectures and introduce cutting-edge research approaches.

    Open Courses

    The University of Tsukuba offers open courses in sports, arts, and liberal education for the general republic, and training for teachers, instructors and other school staff from outside the university. The open courses seek to give back the benefits of education and research findings to the community and promote exchange with the local region.

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