Special Needs Education School for the Mentally Challenged


Our mission is to provide students with mental disabilities with high quality education which meets special needs of each student according to his or her ability through implementation of systematic courses of study consistent throughout our preschool, elementary, junior high and high schools. Also, as a school affiliated with the University of Tsukuba, we cooperate with the university to research the education for students with mental disabilities, and provide opportunity for the university's students to participate in a teaching practice course, following the plans of the university.

Special Needs Education School for the Mentally Challenged

Activities and features

We aim to carry out our motto "Learning for Life through Living" by providing education to mentally challenged toddlers, children and students, with emphasis on practical activities and experiences.
The toddlers and pupils at our school learn through play and daily activities, and our junior high and high school divisions emphasize on work activities toward their independence and social participation.

We cooperate with the Special Support Educational Research Center (SNERC) and contribute to research for special needs education. For further promotion of the research, our school established the Support Department in fiscal year 2003.

The Support Department's main tasks are as follows:

  • ・ Counseling and support
  • ・ Enlightenment and special training
  • ・ Development of community resources and promotion of regional cooperation
  • ・ Collaborative research with educational boards


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