• University of Tsukuba Online Homecoming Day (AY 2020)

    11 07, 2020

    The University of Tsukuba Homecoming Day takes place in the bustling Tsukuba Campus during the University of Tsukuba Festival (Sohosai) every year with a view to deepen exchange among graduates, faculty members, and employees of the University of Tsukuba and contribute to the further development of our university.

    For this academic year, due to COVID-19, Homecoming Day will be held online as stated below. On this occasion, simultaneous translation will be provided in English and Japanese for graduates outside Japan so for those who have some difficulty coming back to Tsukuba, invite your old friends and watch the event with them.

    Event mode

    Part 1 Live stream on

    the University of Tsukuba English Facebook ( YouTube (URL will be posted on this page later.)

    Part 2 Online social gathering on Zoom (After registration**, meeting ID etc, will be sent to you via email.)

    Date and Time

    Start from 19:00 (JST) on November 7 (Saturday)  


    Part 1

     【Undergraduate】 All graduates

     【Graduate schools】 All those who completed their course of study

     【Others】 Current faculty members, retired faculty members, contributors, etc.

    Part 2

     【Undergraduate】 Japanese graduates who joined the university in 1996

     【Graduate school】Those who completed  their course of study and joined the university in 2000

     【Others】 Overseas alumni, Current faculty members, retired faculty members,


    Part 1 ※Simultaneous interpretation provided in English and Japanese.

    1) Opening address

    2) President’s address

    3) Guest’s address

    4) Kanpai (Bring your own drink.)

    5) Talk show

      ① Free conversation with sports as themes

    Moderator: Professor YAMAGUCHI Kaori, (Judo)  

    Panelists: Ms. KAJIHARA Yumi (Track cycling, master student)

    Ms. SERYU Monika (Paracanoe, undergraduate student)

      ② Invite graduates for a conversation

    Dr. NOBORI Daiyuu, Co-Creative Producer

    Dr. OCHIAI Yoichi, Associate Professor

      ③University of Tsukuba Quiz

    6) Closing address

    Part 2  from around 20:30 (JST)

    7) Online social gathering

    How to watch

    Part 1 Watch on YouTube Facebook

    * The audio for the interpretation is delivered separately on Facebook. Watch the video on your PC and listen to the audio for the interpretation on your smartphone.

    * The audio for the interpretation and original video can be delivered on this Facebook!! No need two separate devices!!

    Part 2 Online social gathering on Zoom

    * Attendees need to register.

    * In addition to chat rooms in Japanese in every school, a chat room for graduates outside Japan will be provided.

    **Registration of Part 2 Online social gathering (overseas alumni only)

    T-Net member: Check your mail from T-Net and apply through the form on that mail.

    Not a T-Net member yet: Firstly, please register on T-Net. After that, T-Net will send the application form URL.

    - T-Net website:


    Office of Development, University of Tsukuba

    Contact information for overseas alumni: Tsukuba Alumni Network (Global Commons, University of Tsukuba)

    E-mail: (※: Substitute "#@#" with "@".) 

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