• Explanatory Meeting of Subprogram in School Education for the Next Generation, University of Tsukuba

    Dec 6, 2020 (Application Deadline: Dec 3 5:00 pm)

    Explanatory Meeting of Master’s/Doctoral Program in Education, University of Tsukuba

    December 6th, 2020 (Sun.) 13:00-15:00

    Held onsite & online via Zoom
    *Register here! →

    Deadline for application: December 3, 2020 (Thu.) 17:00

    Those who would like to participate on site should show “Health Check Record Sheet”, which you record your physical condition for 14 days including the Explanatory Meeting day, at the Reception Desk on that day. Also we ask you about your physical condition at that time. If you don’t feel well for 14 days, please participate online.

    You can get “Health Check Record Sheet” in our website.

    Master's Program in Education

       Subprogram in School Education for the Next Generation

       School Education Area
        ・School Leadership Development Field
        ・English Language Education Field
        ・Arts Education Field
        ・Health and Physical Education Field
       Japanese Language Education Area
       Social Science Education Area
       Mathematics Education Area
       Science Education Area


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