Staff Development Seminar "Presentation Workshop -Presenting the University of Tsukuba in English-" for AY 2019

The University of Tsukuba's Global Commons organized a Staff Development Seminar titled "Presentation Workshop -Presenting the University of Tsukuba in English-" on December 17. The seminar is aiming for the university staff to learn how to introduce the features and charms of the University of Tsukuba in English. Mr. SHAH Mahdi Katsumata, University International Administrator of the Office of Global Initiatives served as a lecturer.

The seminar consists of group work, a short personal presentation, and other practical training. Participants commented as follows: "I learned with fun." and "I'm happy to be able to make a prompt presentation."

To promote the concept of internationalization as a part of everyday life, the Global Commons will continue to take measures for the cultivation of global human resources.

Mr. SHAH Mahdi Katsumata giving a lecture

Learning in a group work