Change in the Mode of Operations of Our University (From October 1, 2020 onward)

October 1, 2020

To: Students, Faculty Members, and Employees


The University of Tsukuba is able to start extracurricular activities with attention to the prevention of infection spread from October 1, 2020 (Thursday). Therefore, organizations wishing to start their extracurricular activities should strictly adhere to “Guidelines for the Start of Organizations’ Activities in the Extracurricular Activities of the University of Tsukuba” dated October 1, 2020.

So, we would like to ask students, faculty members, and employees to continue thoroughly implementing the prevention of the spread of infection and take appropriate action including putting the three basics for preventing infection of “social distancing”, “wearing a mask”, and “washing hands” found in “Examples of New Lifestyle Practices” (Novel Coronavirus Expert Meeting of June 19, 2020) into practice as basic infection prevention measures for each person.

By this notice, the “Change in the Mode of Operations of Our University” dated September 1, 2020 is abolished.

Furthermore, we will keep you updated if any change is made upon future developments in the country, Ibaraki Prefecture, etc.


INAGAKI Toshiyuki
Vice President for General Affairs
COVID-19 Response Team

〇 Mode of operations of our university from October 1, 2020 onward

※Those involved in the University of Tsukuba Hospital will be excluded from the application below.



Face-to-face classes can be conducted while giving utmost consideration to infection spread.

Use of online classes is also recommended.

・ Face-to-face classes will be conducted after taking preventive measures against infection including having enough space between seats.

・In the case there are students who are running into difficulties participating due to various reasons when conducting face-to-face classes, give due consideration so that they will not be treated disadvantageously.

・For classes deemed preferable to be conducted online, continue conducting them online.




Research activities will be conducted after taking adequate preventive measures against infection.

Seminars, etc. are recommended to be conducted online to minimize time spent on-campus.

Research guidance involving experiments and practical training and seminar activities may be allowed and conducted by the academic advisor in small groups (less than 20 students).


Entry of students to the campus

Students can enter the campus as usual with attention to the prevention of infection spread; provided however, that they avoid unnecessarily entering the campus.

・ Students should keep a health observation report for the last 14 days nearest to the date that they would enter the campus and they should take this report along for them to show to the faculty member in charge (class instructor, academic advisor, etc.).

・ For information on each facility including the use of the library should be confirmed by the information listed on the website, etc.

・Health Observation Report Style example (EXCEL)

・Health Observation Report(With Activity Log) Style example (EXCEL)

Extracurricular activities

Activities can be conducted with attention to the prevention of infection spread.

・”The prevention of infection spread” means infection prevention measures such as temperature measurement and recording, hand washing and disinfection, wearing a mask, and avoiding three stakes.

・Student groups wishing to start organizations’ activities in the extracurricular activities should submit an "Organizations’ Activities Start Notification" to Division of Student Welfare for permission.

・Organizations’ activities in the extracurricular activities are basically on-campus activities.

However, regular activities at off-campus facilities conducted only by the applicant organization and participation in competitions without accommodation, etc., in which the host or management organization has taken appropriate infection prevention measures are permitted.

On-campus meetings

If possible, on-campus meetings are conducted online; provided however, that for emergency meetings or those that have a substantial need to be conducted in person, face-to-face meetings are allowed by taking preventive measures against infection spread.

・ The number of participants may vary with the meeting room environment (securing of good ventilation, sufficient space, etc.).

Administrative structure

Make the most use of work at home and staggered commuting.


・ It shall be possible for each organizational unit to handle matters flexibly.

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