Dialogue between the President and Graduate Students

A dialogue between the president and graduate students was held on November 17.
This dialogue has been held twice a year since 2013 as an opportunity for exchange between President NAGATA Kyosuke and students. Last year the meeting consisted of two parts; dialog for the first part and exchange party for the second. This year, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the University of Tsukuba decided to hold only a dialogue by shortening the time and reducing the number of attendees.
The dialogue was held for graduate students who prepared the dialogue theme and was moderated by the President's Office Chief of Staff IKEDA Jun, where President NAGATA, Vice President SHIMIZU Satoshi (Education), Vice President SATOH Shinobu (Student Affairs) and graduate students from each graduate school and program attended. A total of 41 students, including 7 international students, attended. It was a great opportunity for the students to have a lively exchange of opinions face to face with the President.

Dialog forum between the president and graduate students