Seeking the Restoration of Peace in Ukraine

Seeking the Restoration of Peace in Ukraine

Kyosuke Nagata,
University of Tsukuba

The Russian Federation has launched a military invasion of Ukraine, attacking and destroying cities, including the capital Kiev, and killing and injuring many innocent civilians. It has also shelled and seized a nuclear power plant and nuclear research facilities, and has even suggested the use of nuclear weapons. This change in the status quo by force, following the annexation of Crimea, is in clear violation of international law, threatens the peace and security of the international community, and must not be accepted.

As an academic institution, the University of Tsukuba holds the values of freedom, including academic freedom and freedom of speech, to be supreme, and desires that all people of the world live freely under law and in peace. We hold dear to our hearts those who have studied at our university and their families, as well as the young people and children who may study at our university in the future and their families.

The University of Tsukuba will continue to guarantee a place to study and conduct research for all those who love learning and respect freedom, and will not allow any harm to be done to each other due to differences in nationality or other arbitrary characteristics. We will respond appropriately to any problems or disadvantages, including providing mental health care.

The University of Tsukuba, together with people around the world who seek peace and freedom, calls on Russia to immediately cease its military aggression. We sincerely hope that peace will be restored to Ukraine as soon as possible, and that people will be able to live in safety and security.