Certificate of Appreciation presented to "Niji-no-kai" international exchange volunteer organization

On February 1, 2023, President NAGATA Kyosuke of our university presented a letter of appreciation to the international exchange volunteer organization "Niji-no-Kai" (The Rainbow Club). Niji-no-kai is an organization that provides daily life support, including Japanese language instruction, to international students, researchers, and their families at our university.

On this warm and sunny day for February, Ms. ICHIKAWA Noriko, representative of Niji-no-kai, Ms. MORIYA Tomoko, assistant representative, and Ms. ONIKI Naoko visited the President's office to present President NAGATA with a commemorative magazine created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Niji-no-kai in 2021. President NAGATA then presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Niji-no-kai for its support to the University over the past 40 years, and together with Vice President and Executive Director for Global Affairs BENTON Caroline F., the two discussed the history and memories of the Niji-no-kai and its current activities.

President NAGATA expressed his deep gratitude, and said that although there was a time when international students could not come to Japan even though they were admitted due to COVID-19, from now on, more international students will come to our university than ever before, and he would like to ask for continued effort and support for the university. He also strongly stated that he would cooperate with the continuation of the activities of the Niji-no-kai.

The Niji-no-kai was formed in 1981 by volunteers living in Tsukuba Science City, and has grown to a total of over 1,600 members who have continued to support the internationalization of the University of Tsukuba as volunteers since its inception. To date, more than 3,000 international students, researchers, and their families have received Japanese language instruction and other support from the Niji-no-kai.

Group photo
Group photo: from reft, President NAGATA, Ms. ICHIKAWA (representative of Niji-no-kai), Ms. MORIYA (assistant representative), Ms. ONIKI (assistant representative) and Vice President BENTON

at the meeting certificate of appreciation

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