"KABUKI" Independent Performance -Tsukuba Action Project (T-ACT)- Held

On February 28, "TSUKUBA DAIGAKU KABUKI-KAI DAISANBA ~The 3rd scene: The 1st independent performance," an event organized by the Tsukuba Action Project (T-ACT), was held.

This event was organized by KATO "Tim" Yusuke, School of Human Sciences College of Disability Sciences. Mr. KATO, who has a physical disability, became familiar with traditional Japanese dance and Kabuki to rehabilitate his legs and established TSUKUBA DAIGAKU KABUKI-KAI to share its appeal with as many people as possible. By launching the project as a T-ACT project, he was able to invite a faculty member interested in Kabuki as a partner, and he also received support from T-ACT staff and faculty in creating pamphlets and posters. The TSUKUBA DAIGAKU KABUKI-KAI has been promoting the appeal of Kabuki through online Kabuki viewing parties in the past, and this is the group's first independent performance. Nearly 20 student staff members, including stage actors, sound staff, lighting staff, and prop makers, joined and managed the event.

Mr. KATO "Tim" Yusuke, an organizer

This performance featured "Futatsumine Aino Chikunami (Traveling Waves From The Twin Peaks of Mt.Tsukuba,)" a new KABUKI performance based on the local Kabuki in the Mt. Tsukuba area, for which Mr. KATO wrote the script, included keywords and characters familiar to the University of Tsukuba.

About the performance, Mr. KATO said:

"I am happy to be able to perform with an audience, having previously been restricted to online activities."
"I hope you will see that Kabuki is not a formal, formal art form but an enjoyable one and that Kabuki's sense of humor has been passed down to the modern age."

Please look forward to the future activities of the TSUKUBA DAIGAKU KABUKI-KAI.

Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba