• Researchers at the university of Tsukuba are committed to various types of research studies. To find out about our research hot topics, please see the Research High light list through this link.
  • International Institute for Sleep Medicine (IIIS)
  • Center for Cybernics Research (ImPACT)
  • JST-ERATO NOMURA Microbial Community Control Project
  • Tsukuba International Strategic Zone
  • TIA
  • Find University of Tsukuba researchers’ information using Tsukuba Researcher Information Online System (TRIOS). You can search by name, research field and affiliation.
  • Pursue research in their respective research fields with a goal of becoming international research hubs attracting outstanding talents from the world. Nationwide joint-use institutes also conduct human exchange, information exchange, and joint research on a national scale beyond the bounds of universities and serve as research hubs for researchers and other relevant persons across-the-country in related fields.
  • Campus-in-Campus Partner Universities
  • Partner Universities
  • Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration
  • Research Supprt
  • Tools for Researchers
  • University Spin Offs
  • Research Compliance
  • Accommodation


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