• Extracurricular Activities (Clubs and Circles)

    Student Groups

    Student groups at the University of Tsukuba are divided into the following two types.

    Authorized student groups are given priority for using facilities and equipment at the university. In addition, they are allowed to participate in external activities as students of the university.

    The University of Tsukuba boasts a number of students who are active in the international arena in sports, culture, and arts in addition to academic research field.

    Extracurricular Activity Groups

    The representatives of extracurricular activity groups organize Circle Rengokai [Circle Association] for smooth extracurricular activities. The Circle Rengokai is divided into the following three categories.

    Extracurricular Activity Group Meeting

    Representatives selected from each extracurricular activity group gather to meet at the of Circle Rengokai. Approvals of extracurricular activity group are made through the extracurricular activity group meeting.

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