• Part-time Job Information for Students

    To students

    For the students who look for a part-time job, the University provides information for job opportunities on a job search website collaborating with a subcontracting company.

    However, remember that study comes first! If you work part-time, try to keep the balance between the job and your student life.

    In case of International Students, you need to apply for permission at the Regional Immigration Bureau to obtain a part-time job and may receive permission to work for up to 28 hours a week.

    Job Search Website: “Part-time Job Information Network for Students”(also known as “バイトネット(baito-net)”)

    Under the direction of a General Incorporated Association that supports students in Japan, Nasic I Support Co., Ltd. operates the job search website below for the students in University of Tsukuba.

    URL: https://www.aines.net/tsukuba

    *The exclusive page for the University of Tsukuba is only available in Japanese. If you go to English page, you can check only general job posts (not exclusive for Tsukuba area) written in English.

    <How to use>

      1. Sign up

      ①Click “ご利用登録(Register for membership)” or “新規登録ページ(Sign-up Page)”.

      ②Register your student email address (e.g. sXXXXXXXXX@s.tsukuba.ac.jp)

      ③Your user ID and password will be sent to the email address. After you receive the ID and password, you can check job opportunities posted on the website from computers, your smartphone, etc.

      2. How to use & Notes

      ①Access and log in to the website above.

      ②Search, find, and apply to job opportunities.

       Check their individual application system and the contact info well before you apply.

      Note: If you have trouble with the job posted on the website,

      please contact to Nasic I Support Co., Ltd., Tokyo Office (TEL: 03-5466-1236).

    To recruiters

    The job opportunities for the students at the University of Tsukuba can be posted on the website “Baito-net” (*required posting cost). The University has set certain restrictions on some job titles or the working conditions for recruiting the students. Please kindly understand that only the job opportunities fulfilling the rules can be posted on the website.

    <Information about the website *available only in Japanese>

    学生アルバイト情報ネットワーク (Part-time job Information Network for Students, a.k.a. “バイトネット(baito-net)” )

    operated by Nasic I Support Co., Ltd.

    URL: https://www.aines.net/company/com_info/more
    Phone: 03-5466-1236 (Tokyo Office)

    <How to post a job opportunity>

    Please go to the webpage above and proceed to the registration. After the screening, you will be given the user ID and password to post your ads.

    - In case of recruiting a home tutor

     Contact the Tokyo Office, 03-5466-1236, directly. They will inform you about the steps to post the job ad to recruit a home tutor.

    - In case of TA / RA on-campus

     Recruiting TA and RA on-campus is free of charge. Please contact the Division of Student Welfare.

    Division of Student Welfare, Welfare & Residence Hall
    TEL: 029-853-2264
    Email: info#@#tsukuba-koseikai.com (*please replace “#@#” with “@”)

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