• University Events

    The University of Tsukuba holds various events with the aim of promoting exchang between students and faculty members.

    Welcome festival

    This festival is held for the incoming first-year students on the day of entrance ceremony by "Sankei," which is made up of three extracurricular activity groups. The aim of the festival is to exchange and promote mutual friendship between enrolled students and the incoming first-year students. This event is one of the unique events of the University of Tsukuba.

    * The University of Tsukuba grants outstanding extracurricular activity groups the status of "extracurricular activity group". The extracurricular activity groups are divided into three categories: culture, physical, and art. Within each category, group leaders hold meetings at the "Keibetsu Sekininsha Kaigi". Members of the "Keibetsu Sekininsha Kaigi" meet at the "Circle Rengo Kai", which organize various activities authorized by the university.
    For further information, please visit the Welcome Festival Student Committee website.

    University Festival (Sohosai)

    University Festival (Sohosai) held every November is organized and participated by students, staff, and faculty members. It serves as a good opportunity for introducing research achievements and extracurricular activities and promoting exchanges among students, staff, and faculty members. It also facilitate exchanges with the general public and introduces the university to the community.
    For further information, please visit the University Festival Student Committeewebsite.

    Sports Day

    Sports Day is held twice a year, in spring (May) and autumn (October), with the aim of enhancing healthy and comfortable school life and promoting sports activities. Students, staff, and faculty members take part in and enjoy soccer, volleyball, and other games.

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