• Change of Status for Employment Searching

    In case international students (regular students only) wish to continue their employment search in Japan after graduation, and if they receive a recommendation from the university, they may change their status of residence to "Special Activities (short-term)". By applying for an extension of residence once, they may stay for a period of up to one year to pursue such activities. During this period, upon individual application, they may receive a "Permit to Engage in Activity Other than Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted", allowing them to work up to 28 hours per week.
    Please inquire at the Division of Student Exchange about the issuance of the letter of recommendation from the university Also, please go through the formalities for the change of status of residence at the Regional Immigration Office. The documents you will need to submit are as follows.

    1. Documents certifying your financial ability to support yourself during the period of residence. In case you have a sponsor other than yourself, documents attesting to this person's financial ability to support you and explaining how this person became your sponsor.
    2. A Certificate of Graduation or Diploma from the last university you attended
    3. A Letter of Recommendation regarding your continuing employment search issued by the last university you attended
    4. Documents clearly reflecting that you are continuing your job search

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