Students Information

Mental health care relevant to COVID-19

To: New students in AY 2020

Congratulation on your admission.
Some of the students might have started living alone from this April. Are you confused by the differences in lifestyle caused by coming to Tsukuba, Japan?
The department of psychiatry at the University Health Center provides consultation and medical treatment for students' health. If you are concerned or are worried about any of the items listed below, please contact us.
You can use the Health Center (reservation is required for psychiatry) even before classes start.

  1. I am not interested in things or I don't enjoy things.
  2. Depressed or hopeless
  3. I have difficulty falling asleep, have trouble staying asleep, or sleep too much.
  4. I feel tired or have little energy.
  5. I don't have much appetite or eat too much.
  6. I feel bad about myself or that I am a failure or that I have let myself or my family down.
  7. It is difficult to concentrate on reading magazines or watching TV.
  8. Moving and speaking may be slow, restless, or moving around a lot more than usual.
  9. I prefer to die or hurt myself in some way.

And, I think some people may be worried about the spreading coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
For mental health care relevant to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), refer to https://plaza.umin.ac.jp/~dp2012/covid19.html.

University Health Center
General reception: 029-853-2410
Psychiatric reception: 029-853-2411
(Weekdays 9:00-12:15, 13:15-17:00)