Junior High School at Komaba / Senior High School at Komaba


Looking ahead 20 or 30 years, these schools aim to develop future top leaders in Japan who will be able to make positive contributions to the international community. At the same time, the schools conduct research and offer teacher training in secondary education as laboratory schools of the University of Tsukuba. All students in the second grade of the senior high school and the third grade of the junior high school have an opportunity to visit the University of Tsukuba to access the academic forefront and learn directly from frontline researchers in a laboratory of their choice. Many students of the schools also participate in various International Science Olympiad competitions. The schools are home to about 70 medal winners, including about 20 gold medalists, some of whom have won international annual competitions for secondary school pupils.

High School at Komaba


4-7-1 Ikejiri, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0001map