The University of Tsukuba was established as a "university with a new vision" and functions as an open university.

The identity of the university is based on these tenets as well as the initial intent behind the reforms aiming towards interdisciplinary studies and internationalization. Looking at the current trends, we can say with confidence that the foresight of such thinking was ahead of its time. As is well known, interdisciplinary studies, liberal arts education, industry-university cooperation, international exchange and acceptance of international students are all trends that are in step with the times. We take pride in our forward-looking foresight.

The university therefore chose to be an "advanced university" rather than "traditional university" or "prestigious university." Although we are proud of our history as the Tokyo Higher School of Teachers and Tokyo University of Education, we became committed to the ideals of "reform" and "new challenges" when the university relocated to Tsukuba. "Tsukuba", for us is not a mere geographical location, but a symbol for the ideals we uphold. We will continue to reinvent and break new ground, for this is the essence of an "open university." For us, being "number one" means that we must be open, continue reinventing ourselves, and be a future-oriented university and a hub of Tsukuba City that looks toward the world and our future. As a true university that includes departments from medicine through physical education and arts, we aim to facilitate comprehensive human understanding as well as nurture human talent.

Reaffirming our role as a leading university, we wish to continuously pass on the mantle of new traditions from one generation to the next.