Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING)

Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING)

The University of Tsukuba has been selected by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) as one of the universities / colleges that leads promising students through their program "Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING)."

Therefore, the University has decided to provide financial support (living & research allowance) to our promising doctoral students in the form of grants.

■Purpose of the Project

  • Supporting PhD students to devote themselves to unrestricted, challenging and interdisciplinary research projects
  • Supporting the students to devote themselves to their own research by covering their living expenses.
  • Assisting promising students to become doctorate degree holders who are ready for a variety of diverse and important careers

■The University's Commitment to the Project "SPRING"

  • The Project Run by the University of Tsukuba;
  • <Project Title>
    Transborder Human Capital Development Project: Fostering Agile Doctoral Students in a VUCA World

    <Project Officer>
    KATO Mitsuyasu - Vice President and Executive Director for Education

For further details, please check the attached application guideline.

Those who wish to receive the fellowship should firstly confirm their eligibilities and the requirements. If you are ready to apply, please submit the form "Student Research Fellowship Support Plan" and other required documents following their instruction.

○ Special Measures for COVID-19 Entry Restriction

We hereby inform you about the special measures for the JST Fellowship program; SPRING.
This fellowship program has originally aimed to support those who study /research here IN JAPAN. To fulfill the requirements , the candidates must be in Japan when the payment starts. Otherwise the selections will be cancelled.
However, we found that many expected students have entry issues due to COVID-19 circumstances. Thus, we have decided to "POSTPONE" the payment, instead of the "cancellation". The payment will start on/after their arrival. (If they are chosen as successful candidates, though.)
We kindly ask for your understanding.

○ Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING)
Doctoral Student Support Project -Application Guideline [AY2022]NEW PDF

○ Student Research Fellowship Support Plan【Word

○ Guide for Information Session (held on September 17, 2021) 【PDF
*The session materials and FAQ has been uploaded on "manaba."
*For the course information (Course Code & Course Name), please refer to the web bulletin board on TWINS.