List of Schools and Colleges

Undergraduate Students

Classes for degree courses taught in Japanese, which you can take together with Japanese students, begin in April.
Degree programs taught in English start in October. The programs taught in English are attended by international students from a variety of countries. The number of international coeducational classes open to all students is also being increased, allowing you to take programs taught in English alongside Japanese students and providing many chances for you to study the Japanese.

Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges

School of Humanities and CultureWebsite

  1. College of Humanities
  2. ・Philosophy, History Archaeology and Folklore, Linguistics
  3. ・B. of Arts
  4. College of Comparative Culture
  5. ・College of Comparative Culture
  6. ・B. of Arts
  7. College of Japanese Language and Culture
  8. ・Japanese Language and Culture
  9. ・B. of Arts

School of Social and International StudiesWebsite

  1. College of Social Sciences
  2. ・Social
  3. ・Law
  4. ・Political Science
  5. ・Economics
  6. ・International Social Sciences
  7. ・B. of Arts in Sociology
  8. ・B. of Laws
  9. ・B. of Arts in Political Science
  10. ・B. of Arts in Economics
  11. ・B. of Interenational Social Sciences
  12. College of International Studies
  13. ・International Relations
  14. ・International Development
  15. ・International Social Sciences
  16. ・B. of International Relations
  17. ・B. of International Development
  18. ・B. of International Social Sciences

School of Human SciencesWebsite

  1. College of Education
  2. ・Education
  3. ・B. of Arts in Education
  4. College of Psychology
  5. ・Psychology
  6. ・B. of Arts in Psychology
  7. College of Disability Sciences
  8. ・Disability Sciences
  9. ・B. of Arts in Disability Sciences
  10. ・B. of Arts in Special Education
  11. ・B. of Science in Social Work

School of Life and Environmental Sciences Website

  1. College of Biological Sciences
  2. ・Biology
  3. ・Interdisciplinary Program in Life and Environmental Sciences
  4. ・B. of Sciences
  5. College of Agro-Biological Resource Sciences
  6. ・Agro-Biological Resource Sciences
  7. ・Interdisciplinary Program in Life and Environmental Sciences
  8. ・B. of Bioresource Sciences
  9. ・B. of Agricultural Sciences
  10. College of Geoscience
  11. ・Geo environmental Sciences
  12. ・Earth evolution Sciences
  13. ・Interdisciplinary Program in Life and Environmental Sciences
  14. ・B. of Science

School of Science and Engineering Website

  1. College of Mathematics
  2. ・Mathematics
  3. ・B. of Science
  4. College of Physics
  5. ・Physics
  6. ・B. of Science
  7. College of Chemistry
  8. ・Chemistry
  9. ・B. of Science
  10. College of Engineering Sciences
  11. ・Applied Physics
  12. ・Quantum and Electronic Engineering
  13. ・Applied Condensed Matter Physics
  14. ・Materials and Molecular Engineering
  15. ・B. of Engineering
  16. College of Engineering Systems
  17. ・Intelligent Interactive Systems Major
  18. ・Intelligent System Technologies Major
  19. ・Engineering Mechanics Major
  20. ・Energy Engineering Major
  21. ・B. of Engineering
  22. College of Policy and Planning Sciences
  23. ・Social and Economic Sciences
  24. ・Management Science and Engineering
  25. ・Urban and Regional Planning
  26. ・B. of Policy and Planning Sciences

School of Informatics Website

  1. College of Information Science
  2. ・Software and Computing Science
  3. ・Computing Systems
  4. ・Machine Intelligence and Media
  5. ・Technologies
  6. ・B. of Information Science
  7. ・B. of Information Engineering
  8. College of Media Arts, Science and Technology
  9. ・Media Arts, Science, and Technology
  10. ・B. of Science in Media Sciences and Engineering
  11. College of Knowledge and Library Sciences
  12. ・Knowledge Studies
  13. ・Knowledge Information Systems
  14. ・Information Resources Management
  15. ・B. of Arts in Library and Information Science

School of Medicine and Health SciencesWebsite

  1. College of Medicine
  2. ・M.D. Course
  3. ・Medical Scientist Course
  4. ・Doctor of Medicine
  5. College of Nursing
  6. ・Nursing Course
  7. ・B. of Science in Nursing Science
  8. College of Medical Sciences
  9. ・Medical Science Course
  10. ・International Medical Sciences Course
  11. ・B. of Medical Sciences
  12. ・B. of International Medical Sciences

School of Health and Physical EducationWebsite

  1. ・Health and Physical Education
  2. ・B. of Health and Physical Education

School of Art and DesignWebsite

  1. ・Theory of Art
  2. ・Fine Art, Communication Art and Design, Design
  3. ・B. of Art and Design

Programs for International Students

University of Tsukuba Japan-Expert Program

The University of Tsukuba has established the Japan-Expert (bachelor degree) Program to train international students who possess a Japanese outlook to further Japan's culture and society, and hope to find employment at relevant companies in Japan or in their own countries. For detailied information, please see the Japan-Expert Program Website.