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About Preparation of Personal Computer etc.

To all new students

In Universities, computers are increasingly used for writing report and research activities. Probably many people are considering about purchasing a personal computer to take the opportunity of admission.
The University of Tsukuba implemented online courses in the 2020 academic year, and has been implementing a curriculum that combines face-to-face and online courses since then.
Our university has rooms with computers that you can use, as well as facilities such as the university's wireless LAN. However, you may not be able to use the university's facilities if you are restricted from entering the campus or using the facilities due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Therefore, it is recommended that you have your own personal computer (notebook type, tablet type) and prepare for the communication environment at the time of admission.

Students of our University can use the following software free of charge on their personal computers, etc.

  • Trend Micro antivirus software
  • Microsoft Office(Enrollment for Education Solution(EES))
  • SPSS site license, Mathematica、ArcGIS, etc.

When purchasing a personal computer, please refer to the following site for the specifications of the online course.

Academic Computing & Communications Center, University of Tsukuba

"Online Class Guidance"
"Roadmap to online classes"
"Preparation of terminal and communication lines"

However, the recommended specifications may differ depending on the educational field. In addition to the specifications above, we will show the specification recommended by each educational organization as below, so please refer to them.

If it is difficult for you to prepare the devices due to financial situations, the university may be able to lend you the devices, so please consult with your educational organization first.