Handling Based on the Spread of COVID-19 (Updated April 20, 2020)

April 1, 2020
Updated April 6, 2020
Updated April 20, 2020

To: Students, Faculty Members, and Employees

Handling Based on the Spread of COVID-19

The declaration of a state of emergency was issued for all prefectures by the government and 13 prefectures including Ibaraki prefecture were designated as areas where COVID-19 is rampant. The alert level was also increased in our university. It was concluded that we are compelled to make arrangements to deal with the emergency and the following has been decided. We would like to ask the students, faculty members, and employees to take the following measures.

1. Spring semester of 2020

Classes shall be basically conducted online. Students should pay attention to information from their educational organization and follow instructions. (Students should login in the Learning Management System (manaba) to take online classes after referring to the "Online Orientation/for the beginning of the new semester (Beginner's Guide for New Students)" at https://www.tsukuba.ac.jp/en/students_information/20200420131500.html)

Courses where there is a need for face-to-face classes including experiments cannot be carried out until instructions from the "COVID-19 Response Team" of our university.

Furthermore, in the case of laboratories where the faculty member has an idea of the health condition of the students on a daily basis, it shall be possible to carry out experiments, class exercises, etc.?in small groups on the condition that they are not in closed spaces with poor ventilation and after everyone wore masks and took their body temperature.

Research activities of graduate students, the entry of students to the campus, and extracurricular activities shall be on the basis of the "Request in regard to the handling of our university contingent to the expansion nationwide of target regions of the declaration of a state of emergency (April 17, 2020)" at https://www.tsukuba.ac.jp/en/news/20200417141400.html.

Furthermore, 4th year undergraduate students, as being equivalent to graduate students and researchers, are allowed access to the laboratory under the supervision of the academic advisor only in the case where advancement of graduation research is necessary.

The University Libraries are closed from April 21. Services that allow the use of the library without the need to come to the library will be introduced so please use them.

The closing of the libraries is scheduled until May 6 at the current moment, however, check the notice, etc. in the University Library website as needed in regard to May 7 onward.

Web page of online services that allow the use of the library without the need to come to the library (University Libraries)

2. Residence of students

Based on the spread of COVID-19 in these past few days, we would like to ask students to stay at their current domicile (student residence hall, apartment near the university, family home, etc.) and avoid travel. They should pay careful attention to infection prevention, avoid going out unless absolutely necessary, and carry out thorough health monitoring.

3 Moving into the student residence hall or apartment

For those who are scheduled to newly move into the student residence hall, after the university received the moving package, it will be sent to the respective room so there is no need to come to the university. (Click here for more information.) Furthermore, buildings and rooms are managed by a contractor so please don't worry.

Those who are scheduled to move into an apartment, etc. should postpone their move if possible. Otherwise, after receiving the moving package, they should stay at their family home, etc.

4. Handouts to new students

Those who are residing in the student residence hall or apartment should pick up the handouts from the relevant educational organization as previously advised in the website. For those who could not pick up the handouts in the said period, the minimum handouts necessary will be sent by post to the address registered as their "Family home, etc.".

5. Thorough health monitoring

For COVID-19, one may notice no symptoms even if one is infected and infect others. When infection is confirmed, the infected individual and those having close contact need a 2-week health observation. COVID-19 will be detrimental to their lives. Be sure to follow all safety precautions to "prevent yourself and others from being infected".

Regarding infection prevention, please conform to the following.

1.Take your body temperature every morning and check whether it's your normal body temperature. Monitor your health. From now on, even when going to the university, get into the habit of bringing a thermometer and taking your body temperature every day.

2.Thorough infection prevention

- Rigid enforcement of hand washing to prevent yourself from being infected

- Wearing of masks to prevent others from being infected

- Avoidance of places with the threat of infection (closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowds, etc.) to prevent yourself and others from being infected)

3.When you have cold symptoms including a fever, cough, fatigue, runny nose, etc., avoid contact with others, stay in your room, and recuperate at home.

4.For 2 weeks after returning overseas, avoid contact with others, stay in your room, monitor your health, and do not come to the university.

Vice President for Education

Vice President for Student Affairs

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