"The JICA Partnership Program for the Stop Accident Fatality rise by EMS development and Road safety (SAFER) Project" launched—Assistance in Laos by a Partnership between the University of Tsukuba and JICA—

On June 23, the University signed an outsourcing contract with JICA for the SAFER Project, which was adopted by JICA in 2019. The project manager is Dr. SUZUKI Takaaki, Vice-Chief of the International Medical Center at the University of Tsukuba Hospital.

The project has three goals: establishment of a Command & Control Center (the first such center in Laos), development of an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Support System, and training for Emergency Care Professionals. This project provides technical assistance to construct an effective and sustainable EMS, contributing to SDG Goals 3 (health) and 11 (cities).

In light of COVID-19 circumstances, new support measures, mainly online, will be implemented to reduce the need for face-to-face field activities.

online screen Kick off event in Japan with the Project Logo