Advanced Studies of Business Law

Advanced Studies of Business Law

Advanced Studies of Business Law

In the modern economic society, human resources who have a high level of specialized ability and problem-solving ability from a high point of view are increasingly required for legal issues for business. The purpose of this major is to develop highly specialized professionals in the field of business law by the expansion and deepening of specialized fields through a unique education system. Specialized courses cover (1) Corporate Law, (2) International Business Law, (3) Intellectual Property Law, (4) Social and Economic Law, and (5) Tax Law.

Educational Policy

The focus is on individual thesis guidance by a supervisor. Specifically, in addition to common specialized subjects such as bibliography and comparative methods, which are fundamental to learning, specialized courses that set priority areas for study in accordance with social needs and academic characteristics are offered.


In the first year, each student takes courses suitable for the research theme. In parallel, the supervisor gives guidance to students individually. In the fall of the second year, all students and faculty members attend to give guidance on the progress of research and exchange opinions for the writing of a higher-quality master's thesis. Master of law requires take courses more than 30 credits and completion of master thesis.

Type of degree

Master of laws