Exchange Program

Thank you for your interest in the Short-Term Exchange Program at the University of Tsukuba!
Based on the exchange agreements, we are accepting short-term exchange students from partner institutions all over the world. To apply for the program, please check following information and contact to an exchange coordinator of your home institution. All applicants need to be nominated by their home institution officially.

    Important Notice

  1. Due to the COVID-19 situation, it has been decided that the exchange program in Fall Semester AY 2021(starting in October) for Exchange Student will be conducted through online only.
    For Exchange Research Student, we will be arranging the face-to-face program when the entry restrictions by the Japanese government are lifted.

  2. The exchange program in Spring Semester AY 2022 is planned to be conducted face-to-face. However, there is a possibility that the program will be changed to online or cancelled depending on the COVID-19 situation and the state of travel conditions including entry restrictions by Japanese government.


【UPDATED for Spring Semester AY 2022】

Application Guide

Please make sure to read following Application Guide carefully before getting ready with your application.

Application Guide 2021-2022

How to Apply

Our application procedures are made up of following 3 steps:

Step1. Online Nomination (by Exchange Coordinator)

Exchange coordinators need to make their own accounts on our online application system for coordinators. Students who wish to apply for our program must be nominated through those account. The user code for coordinator signup will be provided upon request. Coordinators can contact to the e-mail address below.

Division of Student Exchange

The title of the request mail should be "User Code Request".
Please include information on coordinator's name, university, position, start month of exchange program in the text. Please note that we cannot provide the user code to students.

Step2. Online Application (by Student)

Students need to fill in online application system for students. Login password will be sent to students by email as soon as we approve the online nomination by exchange coordinators.

Step3. Document Submission

Submit all the necessary documents as attachment file via e-mail by the deadline. Please make sure to confirm the application guide for preparing correct documents.

Application Schedule

Spring Semester AY2022 (Starts in April 2022)

  • Online Nomination
    October 1 (Fri) to 31 (Sun), 2021
  • Online Application
    by November 12 (Fri)
  • Document Submission
    by November 19 (Fri)

Please refer to following list to check application schedules for the programs starting from other months.

Program Start Nomination Period Application Deadline Submission Deadline
(by E-mail)
March 2022 September 2021 October 15 (Fri) October 29 (Fri)
April October November 12 (Fri) November 19 (Fri)
May November December 17 (Fri) December 24 (Fri)
June December January 14 (Fri) January 21 (Fri)
July January 2022 February 10 (Thu) February 18 (Fri)
August February March 11 (Fri) March 18 (Fri)
September March April 15 (Fri) April 22 (Fri)
November May June 17 (Fri) June 24 (Fri)
December June July 15 (Fri) July 22 (Fri)
January 2023 July July 29 (Fri) August 5 (Fri)
March September October 14 (Fri) October 21 (Fri)
  • - Exchange Student (Tokubetsu Chokogakusei) can apply for the programs starting from April or October only.
  • - The Schedule above is subject to change.
  • - Online application system is not available in August due to the annual system maintenance.

  • Application Documents

    Please see lists below to confirm required documents and how to submit. For details, please make sure to check the Application Guide.

    Online Submission

    Documents Remarks
    Formal Letter of Request for Admission
    • - Prepare a letter according to the latest sample.
    Official Transcript of Academic Records Provide the data from the previous year.
    Official Certificate of Enrollment
    Copy of Passport
    JLPT Certificate of Result and Score
    • - Only if you have any.
    Certificate of Your Staying in Japan
    • - Only if you have experience staying in Japan for purposes other than tourism.
      e.g. summer program, working holiday.
    ID Photo
    • - Prepare appropriate photos according to examples.
    Bank Balance Certificate (Student's own bank account)
    Certificate of Scholarship/Student Loan
    • - Bank balance certificate of other persons' account such as family members is NOT acceptable.
    • - You need to prove that you have following amount of money or more:
      1 Year Exchange―960,000 JPY
      1 Semester Exchange―480,000 JPY
  • - Please upload scanned data of the documents above on the online form.
  • - Valid image formats are JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF. PDF file is NOT acceptable.

  • Send by E-mail

    Documents Remarks
    Application for Certificate of Eligibility