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Change of Status for Employment Searching

Remaining in Japan for Job-Hunting after Graduation

If you wish to continue to look for a job after graduation (after getting a degree) in Japan, status change from "Student" to "Designated Activity" is requested. You must not remain in Japan and look for a job with a Residence Card with "Student" status. To apply to change status to "Designated Activity (for job-hunting)", you need to get a recommendation letter from University. The university issues a recommendation letter only when you can provide proof documents that you have been searching a job long before graduation and meet the criteria that the university admits. If you think you will need to get a recommendation letter, visit the Division of Student Exchange office (1A101) several months before your graduation to consult about your plan. With a "Designated Activity (for job-hunting)"visa, you can stay in Japan for six months. You can extend it for another six months with a recommendation letter issued by the university only once. If you fail sending monthly job-hunting reports to the university and your academic supervisor, your request for a recommendation letter for extension may be rejected.

Necessary Documents

  • Application for Change of Status of Residence
  • Photo(4cm×3 cm)
  • Passport and Residence card
  • Proofs of your financial resources to support your life in Japan
  • A Certificate of Graduation
  • A letter of Recommendation for your job-hunting activities issued by the university
    (See above)
  • Documents to prove your job-hunting activities before graduation

Change of Status

Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba