• Extension of Visa

    The approved period of stay in Japan for international students can be extended near their deadlines by following the designated procedures.
    All the necessary procedures should be undertaken at the Regional Immigration Bureau between two months to ten days prior to the expiration date of the authorized period of stay. Students who are advancing to graduate school should note that they will require a certificate indicating that they intend to enter graduate school and a current Certificate of Enrollment in order to extend their period of stay
    The immigration office is crowded in March, and much time is required to process applications. Early application is recommended

    Necessary Documents for Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students

    Necessary Documents for Research Students (maximum extension of stay is two years)

    Documents proving the applicant's financial ability are as follows

    For Monbukagakusho Scholarship Students:

    - Certificate of Monbukagakusho scholarship

    For Self-Supporting Students:

    - Certificate of Scholarship (if the student is a recipient of any kind of scholarship)
    - Documents indicating that the student periodically receives financial support for his/her study abroad
    - In the case the student receives financial support through bank transfer:

    A copy of the bankbook (a certificate of bank balance is not sufficient, because it does not prove that the financial support is periodical) OR a certificate of remittance issued by the bank

    In the case that the student receives financial support in cash:

    An Oath for Payment of Expenses signed by the sponsor of such financial support. Other documents may also be required from the sponsor: Assessment of Income Tax (mentioning the overall income), Withholding Tax Slip, copy of the Final Income Tax Return, Certificate of Income etc.( A certificate showing the sponsor's bank balance is not sufficient).

    Other documents may also be required on a case by case basis.

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