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From Vietnam

What do you enjoy about Tsukuba (University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba City)?

When I first arrived in Tsukuba City, I was amazed by the name “Science City” that the city has. I had the chance to visit many museums and exhibitions in the city and I love the idea of exhibiting inventions which are unique and interesting. I also enjoy the parks and the nature sightseeing in the city. About Tsukuba University, I enjoy the academics study where I can have fruitful discussions with classmates and professors. The club activities such as music club, sport clubs and socializing clubs are interesting and exciting. I also met so many international friends and made friends with Japanese students as well.

What do you want to accomplish as a student of the University of Tsukuba during your study period?

About academics, I wish to fulfill my 4 years in the University and acquire scholarships to be a financially independent student.
For extracurricular activities, I want to join as many clubs as I can and experience different kinds of activities. I’m also a guitarist so I’d love to join music clubs. I also made a lot of friends through socializing clubs such as CASA and Omochi. For social contribution, I’m going to become the leader of NMUN Tsukuba so I hope I could fulfil my role to lead the delegation team of Tsukuba University to Washington DC.


Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba